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"Too often we are too busy, overscheduled and stressed. Being at a loose end is something we need to strive for more often - take life less seriously, slow down and appreciate the sights, sounds and aromas of what is around us."

Rob Gibson

Our Passion

The Taste of VintageLoose End Wines was established in 2003 and is a limited collection, hand crafted, premium wines... without premium price tags.  They appeal to wine drinkers who focus on quality, want wines made by real and passionate people, and who seek fresh, unique wine experiences.

Loose End is the brainchild of renowned Barossa viticultralist, winemaker and personality, Rob Gibson of BarossaVale.  Having spent much of his working life as a senior viticulturist for Penfolds. Rob has an intimate understanding of the many factors that can influence the creation of wine, and a passion for identifying special parcels of fruit from the Barossa and ranges to produce a range of wines that is contemporary and truly reflective of the region's character.

In contrast, the Loose End wines are all about contemporary style and easy drinking.  They are all great value wines that over deliver on quality, at an exceptionally accessible price. 

loose end n

  1. a detail that is left unsettled, unexplained, or incomplete at a loose end without purpose or occupation

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Feel free to drop me a line or ask me a wine question, I look forward to hearing from you.  Cheers Rob Gibson

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